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                Corporate Culture
                Corporate Mission:
                Benefiting from the sun, prospering our society.

                Taking advantage of sunshine, NESI is committed to developing and providing the world with clean and renewable energy to benefit the mankind and contribute to the society.
                Spiritual and material happiness for all the staff
                Our pursuit is to shape a rich life both materially and mentally for every staff along with the great development of the enterprise.

                Corporate Values:
                Never give up
                Behave optimistically and advocate the spirit of perseverance in front of difficulties and setbacks.
                Excellence in conduct and performance
                Always strive for excellence, high-standard products and quality service. Try to do everything well. Let customers feel superiority with our excellent performance.
                Seeing into the future
                There is an old saying in China, “A man without distant care must have near sorrow”. Think about today’s problems by seeing into the future. Be prepared for any upcoming situation.
                To be Unique
                Do what others cannot do or cannot insist on. To be the sole choice that can provide PV power generation integrated solutions in the field of solar power.

                Corporate Spirit
                Sustainable innovation, continuous improvement
                Leading the demand of industry, changing to attain permanence
                Equal stress on integrity and ability, adhere to people-oriented thought
                Put quality first, win trust