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Best Laptop for College Students : From engineering to business

The innovative learning environment enjoys a technology-rich approach. Laptops, tablet PCs, etc., represent the first order of tools that clear the way to proper communication and interactivity for college students. Depending on the specifics of their educational needs, the students may benefit from the tools by completing the work online, managing data, creating platforms, etc.

Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo T450s for science majors

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13

For a student of science, Dell XPS 13 – less than $ 800 – provides a detailed view and bright picture even used outdoors. The Infinity Edge technology allows for a maximized space of the screen. The data storage capacity (RAM) is 4GB which is appropriate for multiple tasks.

If the specialty area is computer science, it may require Lenovo T450s. The ThinkPad performs greater productivity by using less power because of the Intel processor. An adjustable external battery guarantees the continuation of work without diminishing the operational activity of the laptop. The price may be around $ 950.

Asus ZenBook UX501 for medical university students

Asus ZenBook UX501
Asus ZenBook UX501

Students in medical colleges may search for the robust performance of the Asus ZenBook, pro version UX501. Suitable for the specific college nature, Asus technology provides different settings, like manual, vivid, normal, etc. The color spectrum is large, and color accuracy is high.

The audio option of following instructions, for ex., is provided by the quality and standards of ICEpower. A product of this category and parameters may have a higher average price. Yet, Asus ZenBook goes up to $ 3800.

Apple MacBook Pro for those studying design or art

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro, with 13-inch Retina Display, may well suit the needs of a design or art student. A result of an innovative approach, the touch pad provides for different opportunities of creating, and may activate extra features – a Safari check, or a Facebook reference, etc.

A webcam with images of excellent quality drives the student’s interest in different visuals.

Paying less than $ 1300 might prove to be an adequate deal, according to the task and purpose; the competition, however, may go down the price hill. The students of courses related to animation or film may take advantage of the same brand and model, and its 15-inch version with an excellent display quality, details and colors. Attention and N.B.: the price is higher.

Lenovo W550s for architecture or engineering students

The architects- or engineers-to-be may grab a Lenovo… yes, but the W550s version with ergonomic features. The durability of this ThinkPad is of military grade and standard, which is a signal for a functionality related to specific needs or challenging environments.

The screen is free of glare, and the keyboard is waterproof and resistant to mechanical shocks. The NVIDIA graphics are a powerful tool. A Power Bridge concept is the basis for an activity of long duration. The product may be obtained for less than $ 1200.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for law students

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, less than $ 800, may meet the needs and expectations of a law student. Getting to writing makes it feel safer with a sensitive error eraser. The type cover is based on a well-spaced layout. Windows 10 accompanies the package, and some useful features are of avail, like making notes straight in the web browser Edge. The software Cortana – an extra feature of Windows 10 – allows for a variety of tips and tricks.

ThinkPad X250 for business students

ThinkPad X250
ThinkPad X250

The business students may be interested in Lenovo… oh, another modification like X250 of less than $ 840. The design of this ThinkPad is classy and aesthetic. It has all types of ports that may be needed.

A security feature is of major importance for the credibility and reliability of the product – there is a fingerprint reader available to adapt to a biometric authentication and login. The storage options allow for a hardware encryption. The compact device guarantees a high level of performance, and tackles multiple tasks.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 for online college students

Toshiba Chromebook 2
Toshiba Chromebook 2

For an online-college student, Toshiba Chromebook 2, of less than $ 270, represents an optimal option that combines a multitude of applications; an accurate screen; a detailed and bright display; potential audio speakers; different types of ports; an HD webcam; the operating system Chrome OS with a voice control, among other things.

As an optimal version for overall college needs, Apple MacBook Air, 13-inch, is quoted by virtue of a bunch of characteristics: overall performance; sufficient display brightness and color accuracy; satisfactory battery life, to name a few.

Laptops for college students make it easy and beneficial for them to get exposed to innovations that drive learning and curiosity. Experts advise that the tools contribute particularly to critical thinking and team problem solving. Aren’t those two of the most essential skills of modern man?